The premiere screening of “The Last Frontier” was held in Singapore

9 May 2021 our country celebrated 76th WWII Victory Day, on the eve of a celebration on May 7, film Podolsk Cadets premiered in Singapore, it was organized by Rossotrudnichestvo, VOENFILM studio and the autonomous non-profit organization “May 9” with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation.

The Rossotrudnichestvo Representative Office in the Republic of Singapore and the Russian-Singapore Business Council held a teleconference with the filmmakers. The film’s producer Igor Ugolnikov answered questions from representatives of the business and cultural community of Singapore.

According to Igor Ugolnikov, the target audience of the film is the younger generation, the authors have worked out in detail the historical facts that formed the basis of the film. In the conversation the characters of the film were also discussed, each character has its own story and destiny. The producer paid attention to the story about the specificities of shooting war films. Igor Stanislavovich shared his plans for future projects. As a result of the teleconference, there was reached an agreement on the participation of films produced by VOENFILM studio in the next week of Russian cinema in Singapore.

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At the end of the event, the participants received specially made commemorative St. George ribbons, and were also able to taste the soldier’s porridge.

More than 3000 visitors acquainted with the materials related to the film on social networks. Users actively commented on the event and shared their impressions. More than 4,000 people visited the RSTrade platform for watching the film.

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Russia-Singapore Business Council warmly congratulates the veterans-winners on the Great Victory Day!

Russia-Singapore Business Council warmly congratulates the veterans-winners on the Great Victory Day!
We wish a peaceful sky, health, happiness and prosperity!
On this Victory Day, let everyone say thank you to those who made our lives peaceful and calm!
Let the sky above our heads always be clear and cloudless, so we and our children hear no war sounds.
Happy Victory Day!
Thank you, we honor and remember!

The premiere screening of «The Last Frontier» took place at the Center for Overseas Promotion of Russian High-Tech Companies and the Presentation of investment projects

On May 07, 2021 at 19:00 on the eve of the 76th Anniversary of the Great Victory, the premiere screening of «The Last Frontier» took place at the Center for Overseas Promotion of Russian High-Tech Companies and the Presentation of investment projects.
The event was organized by Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in Singapore, Russia-Singapore Business Council with the assistance of State Corporation «Rostec».
In Singapore and Russia, the event was attended by representatives of government agencies, cultural institutions, the media, and business partners. Sergey Pronin – Deputy Chairman of the Russia-Singapore Business Council, Alexander Solovyov – Representative of Rossotrudnichestvo in Singapore, producer of the film – Igor Ugolnikov addressed greetings to the guests and participants of the premiere screening. The technical possibilities of Center for Overseas Promotion of Russian High-Tech Companies and the Presentation of investment projects, created on the basis of RSBC with the assistance of State Corporation «Rostec» are used to show the film and organize a teleconference between countries. After the film was shown, guests had the opportunity to communicate and exchange experiences.
The film «The Last Frontier» — is a film about the feat of cadets and commanders of the Podolsk Infantry and Artillery School on the outskirts of Moscow in October 1941 near Moscow. The positive role of the film is that it will give a positive impetus to the coverage of one of the most striking and at the same time unknown feats of Soviet soldiers in the entire Great Patriotic War. The cadets of the Podolsk artillery and infantry schools are completing their training, and they will soon become commanders. Two friends compete for a girl. Suddenly, the command learns about the breakthrough of the front and the movement of a German tank column to Moscow. The only serious force is the cadets, they must stop the Germans at the Ilyinsky defence line and hold out until the reserves approach. In fierce battles, where many of them die, they fulfill this task.
Actors with leading roles: Alexey Bardukov, Evgeniy Diatlov, Sergey Bezrukov, Roman Madyanov, Yekaterina Rednikova.
It is worth noting that such a film genre as war drama is already known to the Singapore audience. From November 20 to 26, 2020, the II Russian Film Week was successfully held. Due to the coronavirus pandemic in the world, the event was held in the online format, but aroused great interest among Singaporeans and counted more than 1 million views in six days.
«2020 year is the 75th anniversary of the end of II World War, in which the Soviet Union, of which Russia is the legal successor, and Singapore were allies. At that time Singapore was not an independent state and was part of the British Empire. Both countries were subjected to aggression. Western regions of Russia were occupied by the forces of Nazi Germany, and Singapore by the troops of militaristic Japan. The 9th of May is both a happy and a sad holiday. The coronavirus pandemic has certainly made some adjustments to our plans, but that does not mean that we will not pay tribute to all who deserve it. May 9 is a truly unifying day, encouraging us to remember that we are all descendants and heirs of the Great Victory. The film «The Last Frontier» is a reminder of the great feat of the people» – Nikolay Volobuev, Chairman of the Russia-Singapore Business Council and Deputy General Director of State Corporation «Rostec», commented.
The COVID-19 pandemic is gradually subsiding, and the world is returning to normal life. Russia-Singapore Business Council continues its active work. The Centre for Overseas Promotion of Russian High Technology Companies and Presentation of Investment Projects is renewed, expanded and continues to take part in many projects. Two years have passed since a permanent showroom of Russian technologies was opened on the basis of the Center; thousands of heads’ enterprises and organizations from the countries of the Asia-Pacific region have already visited it.

Premiere screening of «The Last Frontier» in COP in Singapore

Premiere screening of «The Last Frontier»

  • May 07, 2021 at 19:00

Online: Online format: link is at, password to view will be available before the session!

Offline format:

  • Place: Center for Overseas Promotion of Russian High-Tech Companies and the Presentation of investment projects in Singapore
  • Guests: Russian and Singaporean businessmen, compatriots, local people
  • Organizers: Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in Singapore, Russia-Singapore Business Council with the assistance of State Corporation «Rostec».
  • Actors: Alexey Bardukov, Evgeniy Diatlov, Sergey Bezrukov, Roman Madyanov, Yekaterina Rednikova etc.
  • Plot: The cadets of the Podolsk artillery and infantry schools are completing their training, and they will soon become commanders. Two friends compete for a girl. Suddenly, the command learns about the breakthrough of the front and the movement of a German tank column to Moscow. The only serious force is the cadets, they must stop the Germans at the Ilyinsky defence line and hold out until the reserves approach. In fierce battles, where many of them die, they fulfill this task.

The trailer

The link will be available soon at!

Russia-Singapore Business Council wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear friends!

Russia-Singapore Business Council wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The year 2020 was not an easy one. All of us have faced truly unprecedented challenges and problems that have radically changed our lives. However, the difficulties of the past months have shown how reliable are the partnerships based on trust and mutual support. Working with you is an honour for us.

We sincerely hope that in the coming year 2021 difficulties will be left behind and prospects for new interesting and important projects will open up. We wish professional success, strength and health to you and your relatives, bright and positive emotions and good luck in all your endeavours!


Yours sincerely,

Russia-Singapore Business Councul

20-27 November 2020 – II Russian Film Week in Singapore

20-27 November 2020 – II Russian Film Week in Singapore!


Link to livestream will be available on the Platforms: RSTrade and Odnoklassniki according to the film schedule.


The I Russian Film Week in June 2019 was held successfully, aroused interest of Singaporeans and foreign guests:

In five days:

  • more than 900 people on the opening day;
  • more than 3000 spectators at film screenings;
  • 5 Russian films.

This year you have an opportunity to visit it from any corner of the world. Russian Film Week will be held online for the first time!


  • 20 November at 19.00 (Singapore time) – Opening Ceremony
  • 20 November after the Opening Ceremony – Battle of Sevastopol
  • 21 November at 20.00 (Singapore time) – I am Teacher
  • 22 November at 20.00 (Singapore time) – Sobibor*
  • 23 November at 20.00 (Singapore time) – The Balkan Line
  • 24 November at 20.00 (Singapore time) – Green Carriage
  • 25 November at 20.00 (Singapore time) – Indestructible
  • 26 November at 20.00 (Singapore time) – Saving Leningrad*

*Will only be available in Singapore

Follow the link and dive into the world of Russian cinema! Chat for discussion will also be available for you!

Organizers: Russia-Singapore Business Council, established on the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Within the Family Nationwide program with the assistance of State Corporation «Rostec».

Guests of honor: modern Russian film directors and actors: Fyodor Dobronravov, Nonna Grishayeva, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Ivan Okhlobystin, Vladimir Sychev, Elena Lyadova and others.

Full description of the event:


RSBC Speaks in Co-organizer Capacity of the International Round Table on Tourism Development between Russia and Singapore

On November 3, 2020, an international round table “Russia – Singapore: Tools for the Development of International Tourism” was held in a Zoom-conference format. The main issues were the prospects for the development of Russia-Singapore cooperation in the field of tourism, bilateral and multilateral events, as well as interaction in related areas of culture and business. The event was held at the initiative of the Russia Singapore Business Council (RSBC) and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

The round table was attended by about 20 experts representing state and municipal authorities, travel companies (tour operators, travel agencies, excursion bureaus from Russia and Singapore), insurance companies, etc.

The experts focused on the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the current situation in international tourism, mechanisms for ensuring the safety of life and health in places of residence, during flights, as part of excursions and public events. The experts highlighted the measures that are currently being taken in Singapore and Russia and tried to formulate some forecasts for the development of the tourism industry in the short and medium term.

Sergey Pronin (Deputy Chairman and Executive Director of the RSBC) spoke about the main directions of the Council’s work and the opportunities that it creates for the development of educational and business tourism as part of the development of the international electronic Platform RSTrade and Centre for Overseas Promotion of Russian High Technology Companies operating in Singapore.

Svetlana Mailatova (Manager of the Singapore Tourism Board for Russia and Eastern Europe) spoke about the activities carried out by the Singapore authorities, hotels, Changi Airport, etc. to ensure safe travel both to Singapore itself and as a transit point for travel to other countries, as well as opportunities to reduce travel costs provided by STB.

Svetlana Krasnoborodko (Business Development Manager of Singapore Airlines) demonstrated the airline’s new aircraft layout designed to improve service, drew attention to the latest cabin air recirculation system, which makes it possible to almost completely eliminate the possibility of infection during long flights, and informed about changes in the registration and flight rules.

Katerina Kolmakova (Editor-in-Chief of the Russian-language magazine Unique Singapore) focused on the issues of holding events in the conditions of the pandemic, the possibilities and prospects of hybrid forms that combine online and offline formats.

The meeting was moderated by Anna Akaeva (Head of International Cooperation and Marketing of RSBC).

At the end of the meeting an interactive game was held, where the three winners will be presented with books by Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew “From Third World to First”. This book has been translated into many languages and is recognized as a world bestseller.

All participants expressed confidence that, despite the damage from the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism industry has something to offer corporate and private clients. New technologies for disinfecting surfaces and air will increase the safety of tourists in the post-pandemic time, modern information solutions will simplify the procedures for checking in for flights, checking into hotels and forming tourist services, including business tourism. Events have changed, many of them are held in hybrid and digital formats now. All this creates new opportunities for the development of the tourism industry and related areas.

Nikolai Volobuev (Deputy Director General of the Rostec State Corporation, Chairman of the RSBC) noted that the development of business tourism, including in new formats, is especially important for Russian industrial and innovative companies in the context of a pandemic. The economy and business continue to develop, thereby creating a steady demand for new tools, methods and formats for maintaining business activity.

The governments of Russia and Singapore provide additional benefits to travel service providers and tourists. And everyone, of course, is expecting the most important thing, namely the return of the tourist flow both from Russia to Singapore and neighboring countries, and from these countries to Russia.

Russia-Singapore Business Council took part in the international exhibition Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific 2020


On October 20-22, Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific, the largest annual exhibition of industrial transformation in Asia, took place. At ITAP-2020, a common stand of Russian companies was presented, organized under the aegis of the international digital trade and service B2B Platform RSTrade, which is operated by the Russia-Singapore Business Council. The Platform promotes the digitalization of business processes and the evolvement of international cooperation with the use of digital solutions. Currently, about 85 thousand companies from 26 countries are registered there, including more than 300 companies of the Rostec State Corporation presenting civilian products. RSTrade tools are designed to find foreign partners for the purchase and sale of goods and services and to  organize contract manufacturing including its localization. RSTrade integrates with the international platform CamelOne, presented in 16 countries (operator is the Singapore company vCargo Cloud), which allows efficient selection of suppliers of logistics, customs and other services in the field of FEA, including the eSourcing format. On the virtual stand products and solutions of more than 20 Russian companies were featured, including the Shvabe holding and RT-Techpriemka JSC.

On the initiative of the RSBC, a business mission of Russian companies was organized in addition to the presentation on the virtual stand, which was held entirely in digital format. Negotiations at the Foreign Promotion Center of Russian High Technology Companies in Singapore (FPC) were the key part of the programme. Russian delegates met with representatives of Singapore business associations, which include the Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and the Economic Development Board (EDB), as well as of R&D institutes, such as National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technopreneurship Center and NTU Institute of Health Technologies. In the course of negotiations with representatives of the FPC, discussions were conducted about possible further promotion of Russian solutions and high-tech products in the region and launching joint projects, including in the field of R&D. The final event of the business mission was the online training Fostering E-business: Blockchain, Digital Platforms & Cloud Solutions. Speaker Desmond Tay, co-founder and CEO of vCargo Cloud, told the audience about the most promising areas of business digitalization, including the use of blockchain technologies for logistics and customs operations.

The first experience of Russian companies participating in the ITAP exhibition in the format of the common pavilion took place in 2019. At that time the Russian pavilion was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation together with the Russia-Singapore Business Council. 20 Russian companies were presented at the exhibition – both large state and private corporations, and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as start-ups. They offered innovative developments in the fields of IT, medicine and construction technologies. At the ITAP-2019 venue, more than 10 cooperation agreements and export-import contracts were signed. One of the key agreements was the agreement on the distribution of products and solutions of the Shvabe holding to Southeast Asia markets. Thanks to the agreement, companies of the Holding have been able to effectively carry out export-import operations with China and Southeast Asia countries during the pandemic and provide vitally important supplies of medical and personal protective equipment.

“These kinds of initiatives are extremely relevant for industrial companies. In the context of the society and economics transformation, it is important to keep track of trends and tendencies, and the RSBC with its opportunities and, first of all, direct contact with the market, helps companies to keep up the pace,” – commented Nikolay Volobuev, Deputy CEO of Rostec State Corporation, Chairman of RSBC.

In the future, RSBS plans to continue participating in such events to promote Russian companies in Asian markets.

The event was supported by: PAO SUKHOI JSC, Rosoboronexport JSC, Krasnozavodsk Chemical Factory JSC, Cheboksary production association n.a. V.I.Chapaev JSC, Ramensky Instrument Engineering Plant JSC, RT-Fire Protection JSC, JSC RT-Guard, JSC SIBER, JSC ELTOM RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE, JSC IZMERITEL RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE, JSC NMZ Iskra, JSC NPO GIPO, JSC PNIEI, JSC PA Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant n.a. E.S. Yalamov “, PJSC UEC-UMPO, JSC POLYUS Research Institute of M.F. Stelmakh, JSC Shvabe – Tech Lab, LLC NCI, JSC Germanium, JSC “Kemerovo Mechanical Plant”, AO Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory, JSC Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant, OOO Shvabe-Media, OOO Shvabe-Moscow, JSC MOSKOVSKIJ ZAVOD SAPPHIR, JSC KEMP, JSC VSRI VEGA, JSC KRET, JSC Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, JSC YSAR+.


For reference:

Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific is supported by government agencies that form an advisory committee, as well as by industry stakeholders, and major Singapore and international associations. In 2019, 350 exhibitors from 30 countries were represented at the exhibition, and the number of visitors was about 18,000 people. The organizer of ITAP is SingEx, with the Russia-Singapore Business Council as an exclusive partner.


The Government of the Yaroslavl Region and the Russia-Singapore Business Council Signed a Cooperation Agreement


The Parties decided to join their forces and coordinate the promotion of products together, technologies for civil use and integrated solutions for industrial production and information technologies in the Yaroslavl Region to the markets of ASEAN countries, expand access of the Yaroslavl business community to technology transfer and develop contacts in the fields of science, education and art.

The cooperation agreement was signed by Nikolai Volobuev, Deputy CEO of the Rostec State Corporation and Chairman of the Russia-Singapore Business Council (RSBC), and Maxim Avdeev, Deputy Chairman of the Government of Yaroslavl Region.


“We have formed the key objectives and principles of our cooperation. The agreement is the result of fruitful joint work. Together we will be able to search for technological industrial and commercial partners for Yaroslavl companies in Singapore and Southeast Asia, using the Centre for Overseas Promotion of Russian High Technology Companies and presentation of investment projects, including a permanent showroom of Russian technologies, – said Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Yaroslavl Region Maxim Avdeev, – I especially want to emphasize the opportunities for promotion of Yaroslavl manufacturers presented by the information service”. The spring launch in test mode has caused serious interest among Yaroslavl export-oriented companies. As of this date, 72 companies and organisations from our region are searching for partners on RSTrade Platform.

In 2020, the RSBC, together with the Department of Regional Development and Foreign Economic Affairs, as well as the Russian Export Center, held a series of online events for the Yaroslavl business community and identified priority areas for cooperation within the RSTrade

Singapore is a high-tech state that requires modern solutions. At present, it is a powerful logistics, financial and technological hub of Southeast Asia.

“Singapore is a convenient launching platform for export and cooperation with the countries of the entire Asia-Pacific Region. These opportunities are already being used by Russian enterprises, including that are subordinate to the Rostec. Up to now, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tatarstan were guided by the APR. I am sure that the Yaroslavl Region with its advanced production facilities and high-tech solutions will become another constituent entity of the Russian Federation that will adequately represent the Russian industry in the region. RSBC will provide Yaroslavl companies with comprehensive support and assistance to expand cooperation with foreign partners” – said Nikolai Volobuev, Deputy Director General of Rostec, Chairman of the RSBC.

Singapore is one of the most promising directions for the export of products of Yaroslavl manufacturers and services of IT companies. Cooperation with the Russia-Singapore Business Council will make it possible to more effectively implement the tasks set in the framework of the priority of the national project “International Cooperation and Export”.



Russia-Singapore Business Council was established in 2009 at the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Rostec State Corporation. Currently, the Council includes 71 Russian production associations and enterprises, about 50, mostly foreign, associations and companies are partners.

The export of the Yaroslavl Region to Singapore from January to June 2020 amounted to more than 115 thousand US dollars. The total share of non-resource non-energy exports exceeds 99%. The main groups of exported goods: industrial rubber goods, stone products and printed goods.

vCargo Cloud – a partner of the Russia-Singapore Business Council – recieves SBR National Business Awards for Trade Technology

The company was lauded for the development of vCargo Cloud’s CamelONE™* platform.

Leading infocomm technology (ICT) solution and service provider vCargo Cloud, bagged the Singapore Business Review National Business Awards for Trade Technology. The awards programme aims to honour exceptional local businesses in Singapore and give recognition to their outstanding initiatives.

vCargo Cloud (VCC) is a specialist in offering trade and logistics related solutions to governments and enterprises worldwide. Led by a team of dedicated IT and logistics experts, VCC revolutionises the trade and logistics industry through designing and providing a platform—CamelONE™. This consists of a suite of interconnected modules to simplify the complexity of international trade, including compliance and documentation.

Currently, in the market, no companies have solutions that cover the whole cross-border trade ecosystem which therefore is unable to facilitate end-to-end cross-border trade process.

VCC aims to simplify global trade, especially for small and medium enterprises (SME). To do so, they developed a holistic platform that can connect stakeholders such as shippers, logistics service providers, government authorities and financial institutions onto an integrated platform to facilitate procurement, logistics, compliance, and financing for global trade.

The CamelONE™ platform allows stakeholders to connect and exchange digitised information seamlessly. This connection and ecosystem is said to simplify and enable a seamless end-to-end cross-border trade process, thus simplifying global trade.

After analysing the market situation, VCC adopted the UN/CEFACT “Buy-Ship-Pay” reference model and developed the CamelONE™ platform. This is said to have reduced logistics costs by 10%-15% for SME shippers.

It has also increased productivity and reduced reliance on manpower for logistics service providers and facilitates access to trade finance facilities that SME businesses would otherwise may not have access or be eligible for financing.

Under the category of buy services, CamelONE provides services covering commercial activities relating to the ordering of goods. These services are also integrated into CamelONE Ship and Pay Services for logistics and financial services to support the trade executed.

Furthermore, the CamelONE eCargo marketplace under the ship services acts as a digital logistics platform for service providers to offer their services and manage their operations. The platform is also connected to the National Single Window of several countries to facilitate cross-border compliance and enables transferring of data of commercial documents.

Moreover, the latest addition to this platform CamelONE Trade Finance, facilitates the provision of financial services under the pay services. It is a one-stop multi-bank portal which simplifies trade finance applications through a single interface.

VCC said it aims to eventually form a worldwide ecosystem to integrate the whole supply chain and to keep bringing more efficiencies as well as cost savings for stakeholders in the ecosystem.


*vCargo Cloud is a partner of the Russia-Singapore Business Council. CamelONE Platform is integrated with RSTrade Platform services (